Tsugaru Lacquerware For Children

Shin Tsushima

This set was created for children there are three items within each set, a wooden bowl, spoon and a pair of chopsticks. This set uses 100% natural lacquer the base coat is from Tsugaru lacquerware of Aomori Prefecture.


Lacquerware art is generally known as lacquer with gold powder or shells that compliment a gorgeous design. However, Tsugaru lacquerware utilizes the colors and beautiful patterns made naturally by polishing many layers of lacquer, without the addition of painted designs. We are proud that we are better skilled in the use of colors compared to other lacquerware types in Japan. Traditionally, lacquerware products tend to lack a colorful quality. In Tsugaru Lacquerware we mix colorful pigment with lacquer while maintaining the authentic materials of traditional lacquerware.


It is said that about 400 years ago people of high standing, including the lord of the Tsugaru Domain, order lacquerware.

Wood,Natural lacquer

bowl diameter 100 x 60 mm / spoon 142 mm / chopsticks 170 mm


around 2 months. In the case of materials missing part, it takes around 3 months.

From the left A Karanuri type pink B Karanuri type blue C Nanakonuri type pink D Nanakonuri type blue