Hiromi Sato

We have given a drawing of the Niigata Buddhist altar to the mouth and tumbler of the cowpea industry of Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. For the Buddhist altar, we used an unconventional lacquer painting technique to create a water-resistant and durable porch and tumbler. The painting was done with a method different from the conventional method causing the finished sake set to not wear down over time.


Instead of painting on the stainless steel surface, the special technique for drawing out the color of the stainless steel material is based on the painting technique of Niigata Buddhist altars on the pottery and tumbler made with the unique technique of Nakage Scientific and Nakano Science. I made a pot like Niigata in the place of sake


We painted using the painting technique of Niigata Buddhist altar in the stainless steel liquor container of the cowpea industry from Nagaoka city with roots in Sakai city famous for metal processing. It is a product based on Niigata industry and tradition.


Sake cup diameter 57 x H 50 mm 37 cc / Tumbler cup diameter 86 x H 70mm 185繽


4 months

It's an unprecedented blue iridescent color. After a lot of trial and error, we have finally completed it. It's a surprise that brings out a beautiful universe when you pour alcohol. Enjoy a good time with a sparkling liquor.