jaCHRO Leather Long Wallet

Yusuke Iwahara

A completely new concept of Urushi lacquering (Japanese lacquer). Urushi is lacquered leather that fuses special techniques with traditional industrial arts. It is applied to domestically tanned leather and dramatically reduces the cracking. This is called "Jachro Leather". Products made from this one-of-a-kind material feature an inlaid lame that glimmers depending on the angle of light that hits it. This is due to the characteristic deep hue of the lacquer and the Makie, gold-relief technique.


We are expanding the "jaCHRO" brand based on the concept of "a completely new concept of Japanese lacquered products". jaCHRO Leather is the new material that was created through this process. The contrasting fusion of the natural "Japanese lacquer" coating which completely hardens when it dries and "leather" which becomes more flexible with use allows us to experience a new texture of a novel material which changes over time.


Kiso Shikki lacquerware(Urushi lacquering) has often changed its forms and techniques flexibly to meet the needs of the times. 1 The technology to attach Japanese lacquer to metal by baking the lacquer on was developed and utilized for the Olympic medals in the 1998 Nagano Olympics. "jaCHRO Leather" was perfected in the producing area where such new challenges have been continuously undertaking it, giving this completely new material a locally unique to Kiso-Hirasawa in Nagano.

Cow leather

195 x 97 x 16 mm W 7.7 x H 3.8 x D 0.6 inches


2 months (if out of stock)

Due to the nature of Japanese lacquer and leather products, there will be slight variations such as color and creases.