Lace Curtain 180 x 180

Youhei Katou

The technique is the unique wet-painting of Yuzen called "Kazai-Dyin" and the Yuzen-making Yuzen drawing directly like ink painting. The wind was expressed using a two-layered fantastic atmosphere and a thin cloth that is more beautiful than lace curtain. Sunlight changes its appearance.


Beautiful patterns, such as streamline, when moved, can not be easily realized due to the characteristic that the size of the curtain changes depending on the window, but at first I thought about "showing beauty by moving". The theme is curtains of happiness. And let the wind be colored. Also, depending on the light, the appearance is different and does not remain the same. I dyed curtains that assimilate such a transitioning nature.


Blur dye is also familiar to the Kyoto language "Hannari". Softness, relaxation. I drew what it brings with the wind.




3 months