Fusuma Puller (With a Story)

Showko Kawahara

""" About the theme ""
A piece of art piece that incorporates the ""read products"" theme of the SIONE brand.
The pull out book set that contains five stories.
Chapter 0 The Jet-Black Gem-""place"" and ""translation"" that the star was born
Chapter 1 Scarecrows-Things at the Bottom of the Sea-
Chapter 2 RINRAN-A Flower of Prosperity and a Butterfly
Chapter 3: The things that inherit the forest-The things of mushrooms and insects-
Chapter 4 The difficult flowers and the pond of light-Things that give birth to the heart-<< About materials and techniques >>
Using these five episodes as a motif, the pull is produced in porcelain.
The pattern was produced here using the technique of ceramic board painting.
Using surface tension, paint over,
It is coloring by the original technique which gave gradation and thickness.

In addition, I made the lacquer picture in the original in the paper.
To ask for a paper craftsman in Kyoto, the paper is a white paper with mica superimposed on it to express the world with shadows.
It made a flower from the sea, and made a round pattern with a pattern that will finally wind.

Put each part in one book and bind it, and enclose the booklet of the story
Make it possible to appreciate as an art work, and make chopsticks on order. """


"We made a" bowl and a hand "to color the space of the modern Sukiya. I hope you enjoy cooking and tea in a space that fits into one story, We propose a new "Like Beauty". "


Produced in Kyoto (from the outside of the box), from the bag to the pull and all over the surface

Ceramic (upper picture) paper box

Puller diameter about 76 mm (about 58 mm in the inner recess)


2 months

The original puller can also be ordered.